Roths Bakery

There is nothing more satisfying, more gratifying, than enjoying a freshly baked slice of sourdough bread. But what exactly is it that makes sourdough taste so good, so unlike any other breads?

As foods go, there are very few which can claim a richer, longer and more important history than that of bread. What’s more is that even is the long and storied history of our obsession with bread, sourdough bread has always been there. Human’s relationship with bread predates the bronze age and the oldest trace of bread being consumed here in Ireland dates back to the stone age. Back then the process was relatively simple. Grain was collected and crushed between stones, mixed with water and then cooked on a hot stone over a roaring fire. This primitive process is what gave birth to what we now know and adore as sourdough. Roughly 6000 years ago, a baker realized that his mistake of leaving his mixture of flour and water unattended had caused it to ferment. This in turn caused it to expand. Seizing the opportunity to try something, this baker decided he would throw this bubbling mixture into the oven.

This led to the baking technique responsible for what we now know as sourdough. Fast forward a few hundred centuries and modern baking techniques have seen a shift in how bread is produced. However, here at Roth’s Bakery, we remain faithful to the idea that baking the perfect sourdough takes time, patience and most importantly, love.

Since the 1970’s, there has been a rise in the popularity of artisan bakeries, dedicated to their craft, offering an alternative to supermarket bought, mass produced bread which seems to dominate the market these days. However, the bread we offer here at Roth’s is what we believe to be the finest in Dublin. Don’t believe us? Why not try some for yourself.

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