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Sourdough bread, especially our sourdough bread is typically considered healthier than regular white bread or whole-wheat bread. This means that as well as being absolutely delicious and versatile, sourdough bread is usually a healthier option.

What makes sourdough bread healthy?

While it may not appear too different to other breads at first glance, due to the unique blend of flours we use to bake our sourdough bread here at Roth’s Bakery, the macronutrient profile of our artisan bread means that it our sourdough is typically healthier than other mass produced breads. Furthermore, there have been countless studies conducted in relation to the health benefits associated with sourdough bread. For instance, it has also been shown that our bodies are capable of absorbing more nutrients from sourdough bread than from many other bread types. This is partly due to the fact that sourdough bread contains lactic acid which lowers the pH of the bread. This means that there are more minerals available in sourdough bread than in most others.

Sourdough Bread is Easier to Digest

There is also evidence to suggest that sourdough bread is more easily digestible than regular commercially produced breads. This is potentially due to the fact that sourdough bread involves a slow fermentation process, which breaks down some of the gluten present within the bread. This makes sourdough bread easier to digest for many people, especially those of us with conditions such as coeliac disease. As well as this, a recent article published by BBC Good Food suggested that sourdough bread may in fact contribute to a lowered risk of heart disease. The evidence for this is based upon the fact that sourdough is typically higher in fiber, which has been shown to correlate with lowered risk of heart disease.

Sourdough Bread & Gut Health

Finally, sourdough bread has also been shown to support improved gut health. Since sourdough bread is prebiotic, meaning it actively promotes the growth of helpful microfibers in the gut, this aids digestion by increasing the level of nutrients available. Despite being one of the oldest forms of grain fermentation in the world, sourdough has remained popular for centuries, not only for its wonderful texture and flavor, but also on account of its health benefits in comparison to other classic methods of bread making.

Here at Roth’s Bakery Dublin, we take our sourdough bread very seriously, taking great pride in the bread we produce. This means that we guarantee our sourdough is the best available anywhere in Dublin, and beyond!