Roths Bakery

About Us

Our Story

Roth’s Bakery is a family-run business established in 2017.

Our story started back in 2013 when we were looking for healthy, homemade, and quality foods for our newly started family.

As our family grew so did our kitchen. We now have a professional bakery and we want to share our passion with you.

Sourdough bread is Roth’s Bakery ‘s flagship and main passion.

This type of bread is known for its long preparation time. From start to finish it takes three days to get the nice chewy texture, full flavor and crisp crusty bread.

This long fermentation time allows for the enrichment of the whole palette of real bread flavors.

All our sourdough breads are simply made just with flour, water and salt.

We use the highest quality flour which we were looking for, for quite some time. This high quality flour matches our unique sourdough and bread recipes.

Our Breads

We do what we love to do, we bake bread. Click below to see our menu of artisan sourdough breads.

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